Wildflowers can be grown in a wide range of locations in and around the garden. Offering beautiful, long lasting, displays of colour and scent. This will attract further interest in the form of pollinators such as honey bees and a wide range of butterflies. To help you get the most out of your wildflower seeds we have put together some key pointers to guide you on your way when selecting an area and actually sowing your wildflower seeds.


Selecting the Site and Picking Your Wildflower Seed Mixture

Although wildflowers do well in a wide range of soil types and positions within the garden it is very important to first match the area you have with the correct wildflower seed mixture. Wildflowers that like to grow in open, sunny areas for example will perform poorly in an area of dappled shade. For this reason we have named all of our mixtures with instantly recognisable names. This helps takes the guess work out of selecting the best mixture for you and your site.

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Preparing The Area

Once you have chosen the best mixture for your site. Now is the time get busy clearing and preparing the area for the seed. Unlike sowing a lawn the emphasis here is less on leveling the area but more on removing all weeds and large items that may inhibit growth. We recommend the area you wish to use as a wildflower site is weeded and then aggressively raked to encourage weed growth. Weed growth from the soil seed bank can take several days. Once the weeds have come through remove them by either hoeing or pulling them out by hand. The trick now is to now disturb the seed bed again and encourage more weeds.

Sowing Wildflower Seeds

Once all the weeds have been removed now the real fun can begin. Sowing wildflower seeds and wildflower meadow mixtures (wildflower seed and meadow grasses). Is, in essence the same. All that changes are the sowing rates. Pure wildflower seeds are sown at 3g per square meter and meadow mixtures containing meadow grasses are sown are the slightly higher rate of 5g per square meter. There are as many methods to sowing wildflowers as there are individual species, or so it seems.. However we prefer to weight out our first 3 or 5 grams get a feel for what it looks like and then simply replicate as accurately as possible across the whole area until a light covering has be sprinkled everywhere.

Germination and Establishment

Wildflowers will germinate within a couple of weeks and it is worth noting that they are naturally much slower growing than more commercial products such as lawn seed. This is why it is so important to remove all weeds from the area prior to sowing. Weeds are, it seems, much faster developing and will race ahead of wildflowers quickly smothering them before the have chance. In warmer months water the seeds/seedlings daily for roughly half an hour or until the whole area is moist but not drenched. Remember also to check the mixture you have used. This will tell you what to expect in the first season and what will flower in year two and onwards. These are known as Annual Wildflowers and Perennial Wildflowers. Annual means they will flower in the year of sowing only and not again. Perennial means they will develop in year one and flower yearly from the second summer. Perennial wildflower mixtures are much better suited to longer term projects.

Looking After Your Wildflowers

This couldn’t be simpler. Once your wildflowers have finished flowering, usually buy October. Simply cut them down to around 5-10cm either with a syth or a stimmer. Leave the cuttings in place for a few weeks to dry. Once this has occured simply collect up your cuttings giving them a good shake over the area to allow any final seeds that did not fall naturally to be dispersed. By following this last step you are helping to naturally replenish your wildflower area without the need to buy new seed.


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